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Patek Philippe Replica Watches

The luxury watchmaker, Patek Philippe Replica Watches, has unveiled a series of colorful watches for women inspired by wild animals and nature. Patek Philippe Replica Watches Animal World 3 Diamonds Collection includes five models with cute and vibrant dials that feature beautifully designed animal figures. You can choose from a tiger, a cat, a monkey, a penguin, or a koala.Patek Philippe Replica Watches All are original, fun, and luxurious.

Each Patek Philippe Replica Watches Animal World 3 Diamonds watches draws attention to its striking dial and beautifully polished stainless steel case. The 38 mm diameter is considered a large size for a ladies' watch but is perfect for everyday casual use. The colorful dial is framed by a diamond-polished round bezel. Each dial has three diamonds around the outer edge that move as you handle and move your watch. Each dial is unique and has its own animal-inspired story.

Let's start with cats. Patek Philippe Replica Watches Animal World 3 Diamonds (ref.) is a watch for ladies who want a wilder version of this elegant creature. The 1287073003 is an orange watch with a gold tiger resting on black stripes in front of jungle backdrop. The orange rubber strap is the same color as the dial.

The delicate pink version is from Patek Philippe Replica Watches's anniversary collection.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches The 1287073001 features a silver cat crouching and playing with balls of different colors. The pink rubber strap perfectly complements the soft blue background. The cutest watch in the collection.

Model 1287073002 features a purple version of the gold mother koala holding a baby bear on her back while sitting on a branch of an eucalyptus.